Quick Start guide

1. Get the app

It's free.

Works great on iPhone and iPad.

2. Create an account

It's private.

You can use your own email address, or Apple’s privacy-friendly Sign in with Apple feature.

3. Create your first story

See all your stories on the app’s main screen.

Just click the + button in the upper-right corner to create a new one.

Start with a photo.

Snap a image or pull one from your photo album. It doesn’t have to be formal or fancy — some of the best story starters are the most casual and fun.

Talk about it.

Don’t think too much. Just speak from your heart.

Name your story, or delete it and start over.

(Usually the first take is the best one, so don’t rush to remove it.)

Add more photos and voice recordings

You can add as many photos and recordings as you like. Photos are shown in the order they are inserted, so it helps to plan the order you want them to appear. You can delete an entire story but not individual photos.

Each voice recording may be renamed and deleted individually at any time.

Edit the speaker’s name, or delete the recording

By default, the name shown is for the registered user of the app. If you’re recording in person with someone else, it can be nice to show their name instead.

4. Share it privately

Send your story via email, text, or your favorite app.

Recipients get a link to a private web link to a video compilation of your story that’s viewable on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

By default, all Storyglory stories are private. If you wish to share one or more stories, you must share each one individually.

Still have questions?

Ask us.

Just drop us a line at support@storyglory.me. We look forward to hearing from you.