Your loved one's voice is priceless.

Save it with Storyglory.

Storyglory is devoted to preserving the most important voices in our lives. 

Capture the legacy of family and friends, kids and grandparents • Family reunions • Wedding toasts and presentations • Private personal tributes to a friend or loved one • Funeral memorials and remembrances

Storyglory App

Stumbling upon a long-lost photo is a joy — instantly bringing back life’s precious stories. Storyglory’s app for iPhone and iPad makes it fast, fun, and private.


Storyglory is awesome. I just sent a story of an old family photo I’ve been wondering about to my grandmother, two sisters and dad for their take.

— Stephen


My mom was interviewed and it was wonderful! I am listening to the recordings over and over. It is much more moving and powerful than I imagined it would be. You have to give it a try!



I have always enjoyed assembling albums of every era in my life. I look forward to inviting those in the photos to comment on their meaning.